Who Is Your Customer?


Residential Flooring Only

Your consumers consist of homeowners and contractors for residential flooring projects.

Highlight your previous projects and consumer reviews to showcase your reputation.

Commercial Flooring Only

Your consumers consist of builders, architects, or designers for commercial flooring projects.

Highlight your beautiful work that’ll grab the attention of any high-end designer to commercial builder.

Residential & Commercial Flooring

Your consumers consist of a mix of residential and commercial clients.

Highlight your wide range of expertise and showcase your beautiful work to win all types of jobs, both big and small.

Additional Product Category

Sell more than flooring? Let's make sure your website highlights your additional product offerings.

From cabinets to mattresses, we’ll add an additional product page (1) for each category on your website.

What Makes Your Store Different?


Shop at Home

Shop at home is becoming a popular service in the flooring industry as an alternative option to visiting your store’s showroom.

Highlight this offering with a unique landing page that highlights the convenience and benefits of a shop-at-home experience to help stand out in your local market.

In-Stock Products

Life happens and sometimes consumers need to know what is available today for a quick and easy solution for their flooring needs.

Promote in-stock products in your online catalog to let your consumers know what they can get quickly.


Allowing consumers to pre-qualify for credit online is not only smart, but it generates high-quality leads, opens the door to meaningful conversations, and helps you avoid uncomfortable situations in store.

Whether you prefer consumers to apply in-store or online, we'll provide them the information to navigate those conversations.

Promotions & Sales

Nothing helps to generate interest and grabs the attention of consumers like a sale, special offer, or unique promotions.

We’ll place your products front and center to help you capture more leads with an optimized landing page for converting website visitors to customers.